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In today’s time, wearing a wristwatch has become quite common and often considered as a style statement. But when did this trend took place? Or why should one wear a wristwatch? We’ve got all the answers.

Tracing the history back to 100 years, when World War I ended in 1918, it brought fighter jets, tanks, and new technology to civil society, WRISTWATCHES. When soldiers returned from World war I, this trend took place and became an integral part of modern society. Also, the watches were restricted only to the soldiers as a piece of military equipment.

Well, this blend of history accompanied by wristwatches was a different era. Now, from kids to men & women, every person owns a wristwatch. While the reasons can differ, some wear it according to trend and some for, obviously, checking time. There are numerous reasons to wear wristwatches, and we’re going to figure them all!

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Watches come in handy

There is no doubt that it takes hardly a minute to twist our hands and check the time in just a few seconds. Well, even today’s time, many favor checking time via wristwatch and not a phone.

In social etiquettes, it is often explained that checking time via phone or even pulling out a phone during a conversation, is considered rude. It shows our lack of professional skills and zero concern towards other people. So, be it a wedding, a funeral, or a hangout with friends, try to wear a wristwatch and avoid these little mistakes.

Watches reflect style

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are only a few accessories available for them. But what’s the most prominent accessory they own? Yep, the wristwatch.

You may have seen some people use just antique watches; others only prefer the stylish and the best Fastrack watches, etc. These brands and types reflect style and trendy look, that’s why men usually prefer it. For some cultures, wearing items that act as statements, such as gold and diamond watches, is particularly common.

It makes Heirlooms

In some royal families, wristwatches and other valuable accessories are passed on to the next generations as heirlooms. To secure the family culture, people prefer wearing lavish wristwatches. Old clocks have a lot of history, which is an essential explanation for the success of a set of antique clocks in recent years. By wearing family heirlooms, it symbolizes that we respect the culture and value.


With society evolving into a more modern world, a particular form of technology is preparing automatic and self-winding wristwatches. These watches tend to tick when your phone is running out of batteries, shows health updates, and can count on them year by year.

Good pieces of craftsmanship

A watch is not merely a watch, but also an art piece that someone works on for hours. Artisans work diligently on these wristwatches to provide detailed kinetic motions, intricately crafted sundial, and beautifully built bracelets and cases.

Watches are good accessories

Women have lots of apparel and jewelry, from rings, bracelets, and many more, but no accessory can beat the elegance of a wristwatch. Women were very particular about how their bracelets appeared back in the day. Indeed, several people eventually began to wear golden watches, etc., but wristwatches were considered instruments for a long time, not jewelry.

Watches look impressive

It is essential to leave a positive feeling during a job interview. Mark Horstman, Manager Tools’ co-founder, recommends the use of a watch for meetings. He makes this suggestion because time management is necessary for an interview. It is a subtle gesture to check your watch in this setting.

Watches have Emotional Value

Watches are emotionally connected, and in good and challenging times, they support their owner. These wristwatches hold an emotional value with their loved ones. We, human beings, tend to relate and find an emotional bond with non-living things too. Watches can mark special events in life, such as anniversaries of events, marriages, or professional achievements as gifts received from our close friends and family members. They pass from generation to generation.

Bottom Line

People were still intrigued by time. All began with the sundial as people sought to measure time and to find a way to measure time. Our time here is minimal, and watches remind us of this, and we should always welcome and enjoy it.

A watch can affect how many people spend time with them because it reminds them that you only have 24 hours a day.

However, this isn’t all. Watches remind you not only about your time and that you have to value it a lot, but also allows you to share with likeminded people, who are also enthusiastic about timepieces.