The Top 5 Minimalist Handbags for Understated Style

If you prefer a minimalist style, then handbags that are logo-heavy may not be a vibe to you. Let us look at the street style handbag that can prove to be your favourite fashion. When you are looking for minimalist bags, then you should necessarily keep them neutral and simple to suit every attire. But with so many brands that are flooding the market, it may seem to be quite confusing at times to choose a perfect minimalist bag that does not scream designer. For a right focus on the classic finish and top quality, there are several great options for toned-down handbags that are reasonably priced as well. For the top 5 understated and minimalist bags for girls, here are the five recommended minimalist handbags that are not very logo heavy.

Olivia Dar 

This eponymous label named Olivia Dar showcases a wide range of clothing that are hand-embroidered, fashion jewellery and funky accessories. This brand believes in minimalism and thus releases collections that are in line with their beliefs of creating trends through minimalism. This label specializes in mixing the two elements of modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship for creating some of the best eye-catching and out of the box designs. This brand is also committed to sustainability and thus uses raw materials in such a manner that do not harm the environment and at the same time, the products are sustainable as well.

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These bags for girls was launched in the year 2014 by Divya Rasul and Sana Shakoor. This label is based out of Mumbai and draws a lot of inspiration from different landmarks, cultures, folklore elements and traditions. The versatile pieces of college bags for girls are minimalist yet for those who have a keen eye for detailing. The elegant sling bags and clutches that features intricate beadwork, embellishments and embroidered fauna and flora are increasingly becoming a major favourite amongst the fashionable young girls. The evil-eye clutch embellished with beautiful beadwork are much preferred amongst the young girls.

Wicker Weaves 

You can literally hit the right cords keeping the right balance of contemporary and modern when you choose a Wicker Weaves handbag. This Mumbai-based label by Tanvi Shah showcases the best handbags with minimalist designs. The things that make this brand stand out from the others are its intricate detailing that features beadwork, faux leather, kardana embroidery and shells. Their striking, minimal & versatile pieces are best for beach vacations and to match with Sunday brunches.


Malai is another winning title that has grabbed a lot of attention for those with an eye for minimalist design. Converting mere coconut water into beautifully streamlined and smooth accessories made of plant fibres have indeed become a sustainable and better alternative for conventional leather bags. This Kerala-based label has a lot of styles to offer like the belted bags, tote bags, sling bags, laptop bags mini backpacks, wallets and several more. When this comes to colour palettes, you would be spoilt for choices. The several shades of maroon, browns and beige are the most popular and sought-after colours.

Straw India 

Straw India was introduced in the year 2019. This brand believes in minimalism and collaborates with skilled artisans based out of Africa for the creation of the best bags for girls and accessories that are produced by the usage of certain sustainable materials like brass, recycled cloth and wood. This brand offers the right mix of several handmade bags that are of various shapes and sizes. The range of handbags offered by the brand includes saddlebags, foldable totes, boxy slings & wrap wallets.

If you are a fan of minimalist handbags, then the above-listed brands can be the top choices for you. Handbags are the most-in-demand accessory amongst the girls and the modern outlook of the young girls make them prefer minimalism for making the right style statement. The above handbags are something that helps you to make a style statement and alongside gives you the right utility to put your smartphones, wallets, makeup and books in these handbags while going to college.


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