Legends and Lore Related to Emerald Jewellery

The lavish green shade of emerald has relieved and invigorated individuals for quite a long time. The term emerald comes from the old Greek word smaragdus which means green gemstone. The green shade of emeralds has consistently had a spot in folklore. Egyptians and Greeks, specifically, gave incredible significance to the striking greenstone and used to think that it calmed eyes, and your vision could be reestablished while looking at them. 

A few different societies all throughout the planet likewise believe emerald adornments to be the indication of spring, resurrection and reproduction. Throughout recent centuries, emerald gems have been loved by the almighty. Nowadays these emeralds are playing a major role in engagement rings for women. Let’s see some of the interesting facts and insights about these precious pieces of jewellery. 

Cleopatra’s Emerald

Cleopatra was no solitary figure among the praised rundown of eminence who flaunted their own assortment of emerald adornments. Cleopatra purportedly embellished herself and her royal residence chambers with emerald gems and surprisingly gifted them to unfamiliar dignitaries and envoys. Also, it is accepted that Cleopatra expected this more as a presentation of her influence and abundance instead of to reinforce global ties.

Mystical Talismans

For quite a long time, individuals and societies all throughout the planet accepted emerald gems could be utilized as magic due to otherworldly powers. Many individuals wore emerald adornments as they trusted it would give riches and influence when worn on their bodies. It is also believed that a person who wears them can see the future and can do black magic. 

In the past times, the Spanish, Arabs and Hindus accepted that emerald adornments could be utilized to fix looseness of the bowels, disease, poison and even safety against ownership by evil spirits.

To Comfort Vision 

Emerald’s mitigating green tone was accepted to assuage exhaustion from tired eyes. Various jewel cutters all throughout the planet kept emeralds on their seats. After extended periods of close work with different gemstones cutters would relieve pressure from their eyes by checking out emerald adornments.

Revealing the truth of the person 

In old times, people used to believe that emerald jewellery can reveal the hidden truth behind a person’s eyes. These emeralds could cut spells and relieve a person from a witch’s eyes. Mother’s used to putting an emerald chain over their kid’s necks to protect them from evil eyes. 

Offering emerald jewellery to Gods 

Earlier Hindus accepted that offering emerald gems to the divine beings would conjure prizes and favours from Lord Krishna. Hindu books additionally link emerald adornments with the planet Mercury, which has brought about the Navaratna setting. 

Western practice, then again, partners emerald gems with the planet, Venus. This is conceivably affected by Greek and Roman folklore where the Goddess Aphrodite or Venus rises out of the ocean. Accordingly, western traditions coordinate with the ocean green shade of the emerald with the Roman goddess’ namesake planet.

Wealthy city

During the ancient history of mankind, which endured between the fifteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years, there were a few old stories encompassing valuable stones in India, emeralds being one of them. Europeans were quick to track down the puzzling and incredible land that was accepted to have colossal wealth. Wealth where whole dividers and sanctuaries were canvassed in emerald gems and other valuable gemstones. As history would have it, when these accounts spread across Europe, a few nations dispatched boats to find the New World.

The Breastplate of Aaron

People still argue that the breastplate of Aaron had emeralds in the Book of Exodus. Although, many people in past had different versions of the text. The Arron’s breastplate had sapphire many would say. This breastplate had a lot of powers to fight against bad people. 

Other myths related to emerald jewellery 

People of Egypt used to bury their emerald jewellery to get a youth in their afterlife. They believed that by doing so gods would be impressed and send them to heaven or make them a wealthy person in their afterlife. 

Closing note: 

One can buy diamond jewellery online with emeralds studded in them. They are in trends nowadays, they look amazing. You can even wear them to the office. 


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