Boxers for men and women is a much-required garment, for regular use especially when it comes to the summer season. To keep your body relaxed, choosing outfits that would provide the same is of utmost necessity. In a country like India, where the major part of the year is primarily hot and humid, having outfits to cool down the body heat is important and a good boxer is sufficient for the same. 

This garment is essentially curated nowadays for any individual to stay cool whenever she/he wears it. Mostly the cotton fabric is being used because of its cooling properties. A cotton garment keeps the body away from heat, making it feel at ease and relaxed. Boxers are mostly worn by men, but nowadays both men and women have almost all the garments as common. Therefore, the collection of this garment increases manifolds due to the increased utility. 

What are the reasons for a boxer to be popular? 

One would often notice, men are most of the time inclined towards wearing a good boxer. This is because it provides enough space for the proper movement of various body parts like legs. It gives an individual the agency to move freely in whichever way they want. Men’s boxers, as well as women’s, have the best flexibility of the cloth. Due to the regular movement, the garment lets a person sleep or sit peacefully without any hassle. 

The next reason is comfort. A person feels the most comfortable wearing a good boxer. How is that? It does not compress the intimate areas of both males and females, giving way to a relaxed stay. This garment is loose and lightweight, so now you know why people prefer it over any other type of shorts for a comfortable homestay. 

People have preferences and that too, different from one another. Most people prefer cotton boxers and it is hugely available in the cotton fabric. However, those who want to go out of the box and try out something different, can opt for polyester or silk instead of cotton ones. This helps people in exploring various dimensions of a single garment. 

Boxers for women and men are steadily coming back to the wardrobes of people. In recent years, there has been a huge sale of this outfit. People have started enjoying the style and the comfort that combines to form a great garment. Several brands all over India and worldwide are doing a marvellous job when it comes to making this garment. 

Last but not the least, the space provided by a good boxer is beyond imagination. One can wear and still feel extremely light. This makes it easy for anyone to carry this garment. Styling it with an oversized comfy T-Shirt does the job extremely well. Let the trend and style go hand-in-hand with the best collection that is available online. 

What is the bottom wear to be chosen – A list? 

A ladies boxer or gents boxer comes with a lot of other bottom wear garments that are being used regularly by people, and without which any wardrobe is incomplete due to its basic utilities. Let’s dive into the ocean of hot bottom wear that mostly keeps a person comfortable and relaxed at all times.

The list for the ladies boxer is as follows: 

  1. Briefs 
  2. Boxers 
  3. Shorts 
  4. Chinos 
  5. Trousers 
  6. Joggers 
  7. Capri 
  8. Pajama 
  9. Tights
  10. Thongs 

The above-mentioned list will give a fair idea of the best bottom wear garments that are available for daily use. Get the latest collection of these only on the official website of Bewakoof. The Tribe Members would get additional discounts on every product. So, what are you waiting for? Lay your hands on the best collection online. 


Have a relaxed day indoors, a pair of comfy boxers never goes out of style. many options when it comes to boxers or any other bottom wear garments that can be worn by people according to their choices. This article will give a thorough insight into the qualities of boxer pants and how one should have a collection of these in their closets. Furthermore, there is a very short list of such garments that one can wear regularly. bottom wears are made in such a way that a person feels relaxed and withstands the summers of India and other countries. Thanks to the online shopping stores, that enables people to choose from a variety of options that may be available for a particular garment. Online shopping also ensures a pocket-friendly budget and every penny paid is worth it. Level your fashion game with the best bottom wear in the collection.